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TVGuide1960sIf you enjoy watching Lost just as much as we do, you’ll appreciate our online membership which discusses the TV show in depth, as well as the suspenseful twists and cliffhangers. Admit it, you were hooked when you saw the first video to the hit TV show. We still remember being on the edge of our seats practically screaming “How can they leave us on the cliff like this?!!?” We formed this site as a way for Lost fans to connect with one another to discuss the plot and their theories. While it’s a work in progress, we hope this site will function as a resource for Lost fans. This site is a place to discuss your favorite characters, your theories on how the TV show ends, or how each character evolves throughout the TV show. Of course, nothing is out of the limits, so long as its Lost related. Then again, we do have a separate section on our forum for random and mundane things. Please use this section if you want to discuss topics that are NOT related to Lost. Thank You!

 If you’re a fan like us, don’t be afraid to reach out!